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Purchasing Staff

City:  Lapu-Lapu
Country/Region:  PH


Assists the Senior Buyer for sourcing/canvassing of materials and supplies from suppliers. Supports the clerical function of the Senior Buyer, ensuring that all purchasing requests can be served on time. This position directly reports to the Senior Buyer/Expediter.                                                                                                           



  1. Send request for quotation (RFQ) to accredited vendor/supplier;
  2. Process NRM PR for office supplies, spare parts, fabrication, mechanical works as well as electrical and civil works.
  3. Prepare PO (in SAP) for NRM PR for office supplies, spare parts, fabrication, mechanical works. Electrical and civil works).
  4. Update/monitor PR and PO status.
  5. Prepares NRM monthly report.
  6. Ensure all PO confirmation receipt and acknowledgement are complete then attached it to the Printed PO for reference.
  7. Monitor and File all delivered purchase orders.
  8. Performs delivery follow-ups for undelivered items.
  9. Continuously supports the compliance of both DPI's Quality and Environmental Management System policies and procedures.
  10. Must learn and know the purchasing process in SAP to implement the set-up parameters.
  11. Performs other tasks as may be assigned by superiors.



  1. Can read and able to understand simple instructions.
  2. Can perform basic mathematical computation.
  3. Operates simple processes and procedures effectively.
  4. Seeks new sources of information to expand knowledge, skills and abilities.
  5. Uses word processor in performance of work activities; performs basic spreadsheet function; able to send and receives attachment to e-mail messages.
  6. Locate web pages that have information pertaining to the job.